ESU Students Donate Clothing to Veterans Clinics

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- All over the campus of East Stroudsburg University, students can be seen packing up boxes and moving out of their dorms for the semester.

A few special boxes were dropped off at the University Veteran Office. Each is filled with items that will be donated to area veteran clinics.

"So this is a way for us to collect clothes, lightly used clothes, shoes and also food for one of the local non-profit organizations that helps veterans get back on their feet," Elizabeth Barcellona, ESU Student.

Members of the Veterans Office put camouflage boxes inside campus dorms. Students were asked to drop off what they didn't want to take home with them.

Kyle Oldknow is not only a student but also a veteran. He says the donations will go a long way.

"Seeing students here at ESU wanting to help veterans get back on their feet is always an amazing thing," said Kyle Oldknow, ESU Student.

Once the clothes are taken out of these boxes and sorted. They will be packed up and sent to two different veterans clinics, one here in the Poconos and another in New York. And there is a lot to choose from, everything from casual wear to interview wear.

Some boxes will go to Valor Clinic near Brodheadsville and others to Beacon House on Staten Island.

Student veteran Elizabeth Barcellona says she's had to rely on Valor before, so she's happy to give back.

"It's incredibly important to know that you have support in and in between moment where maybe you're a little down on your luck," said Barcellona.

ESU Veteran Office members also help people transition from solider to student.

For more information on the Veteran Office, click here.