Area Teacher Charged After Fleeing Police

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OLD FORGE -- A teacher is charged with fleeing police and resisting arrest for an incident last weekend in Lackawanna County.

Police tell Newswatch 16 Ross Merieski of Old Forge was threatening people with a gun and driving an ATV recklessly on South Main Street in Old Forge.

When officers spotted him, they say he led them on a brief chase.

According to the Carbondale Area School District website, Merieski is a chemistry teacher there.


  • Steph

    The police claimed this man was waving a gun at people but refuses to get the proof that is on video at old forge car wash that he did not. News needs to look into what they report. Anyone who knows this man would laugh at how outrageous this is. Good family man and great person.

  • Geo

    here is the funny part. after everything he did he’s only being charged with misdemeanors and summary offenses. its all about who your related to especially in small towns

  • Joseph Evancavich

    ya know, everytime a cop does something wrong the world is up in arms on how bad all cops are,, well what about these liberal teachers teaching our kids to be socialist, teaching them to be lazy, teachers having sex with children, and these people are influencing our children, its time to do a total shake down of the people teaching our children, its time to bring morals back, which means making sure the teachers have them to begin with

    • think about it

      People should be up in arms when a cop does something wrong. Cops are held to a higher standard because they are the only ones who can ruin your life with a scribble of a pen. Teachers don’t have that authority.

    • julio nunez

      wow, first off what do politics have to do with this at all? too many people of our area they just know the term “liberal” as a negative connotation. It is because of people like you that our area is what it is. just because someone believes in a different political party than you do (or just isn’t republican) you designate them as a pubic enemy with no morals. liberal is simply becoming synonymous with ” bad, lazy, non-white criminals who rob the state of any money they can and dont want to get a job blah blah blah.” whats more funny is that most people in my small (very conservative) town all hate liberals passionately, but if you were to ask them what a liberal actually stood for they would just have some ignorant, racist answer that has nothing to do with politics… i hate to admit it but when i was a teenager i felt the same way, just from listening to eveyone around me eventually i put down the pitchfork and actually did some research and
      changed my opinion pretty quickly. by the way, what even hints at him being a liberal? if it weren’t for teachers everyone in my town would be racist, ignorant, and only have 3 teeth instead of just 95%

    • Geo

      what prison time?

      Police charged Ross Gerald Merieski, 35, 1247 Mowery St., Old Forge, with misdemeanor counts of fleeing from a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct as well as a long list of driving offenses.

      Old Forge Police responded about 8 p.m. Sunday to a Main Street car wash, after someone called 911 to report a man on an ATV had shown a handgun to another motorist there after a confrontation over his driving.

      When the officer located a man driving an ATV who fit the witness’s description and pulled his squad car alongside the vehicle, Merieski responded to the officer’s request to talk by saying “I’m not getting fined” and “this is Old Forge, not Scranton” before speeding off, according to the police report.

      The officer followed Merieski in his squad car until the suspect retreated to the ATV trail off of Pittston Avenue, threatening to “drive away” if the officer came closer. The officer tried to approach on foot and question the man, but retreated when he saw the suspect was armed.

      “I’m from Old Forge,” the man repeatedly yelled, according to the police report.

      as i said its who your related to

  • think positive

    I actually used to believe that people only got professional jobs based on merit, and that behaving in a professional and upstanding manner was expected even after being hired. Since then I’ve consistently been proven wrong.

  • i_C_Crazy_people

    What IS up with some of the teachers in this state? Sex, drugs, and no-self-control?

  • JacksInCharge

    He just qualified for a high level administrative position in that school district.

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