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Animal Shelter Expansion: No Humans Allowed, For Now

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- A multi-million dollar expansion continues at an animal shelter in Lackawanna County, and for a few weeks, humans won't be able to visit the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter.

A brand new building is starting to take shape on Griffin Pond Animal Shelter's campus in South Abington Township.

Fundraising manager Anastasia Daniels showed us the new community room that will be for people and pets, along with the almost-completed feline village with new upgraded cages.

The cats will move into their new digs soon and construction will creep into the dog's area. They're getting new, bigger cages, too.

While all that work is going on, Griffin Pond will be closed for at least the next two weeks.

"It's safe for them, it's safe for our employees, but it's not conducive to have people come in. So once their area gets finished, they'll have cages similar to these," said Daniels.

Mary Grow of Tunkhannock hoped to adopt "Sweet." Her pending adoption would be one of the last to happen as the pets are moved into their new cages.

"I was holding her before, and she just wrapped up in me, she kind of held on to my shirt, just would not let go; it was so cute!" said Grow. "The little cats down there, they seem to like to play and they were all climbing up on their beds and everything. I think it will be nice for them, to have more place to roam."

While Griffin Pond will be closed for construction, it won't be closed for business.

The animal shelter is looking for foster families to accommodate about ten dogs and they will still be looking for permanent homes for all of the pets.

"We're going to try to have more personal adoption, that going on, where we may have times when we just bring the animal to you. If you're really interested and you want to meet the animal, we want you to adopt the animal, we're going to make that happen. One way or the other we're going to make that happen," said Daniels.

The $3.2 million project at Griffin Pond is expected to be finished this fall.

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  • Donamick

    These people don’t deserve a new shelter don’t know how to do their job they should go to Florida and learn all about no kill shelters in Florida and how they work and how successful they are and learn a thing or two about taking care of the animals that we love

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