Motorcyclist Rescued After Wreck

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ROARING BROOK TOWNSHIP -- Crews worked to rescue a motorcyclist after he was thrown from his bike over an embankment.

The crash happened around 2 p.m. on Route 435 in Roaring Brook Township, near Dunmore.

Crews went over the guideĀ rail and down the 50-foot bank on ropes trying to get the biker.

There is no word on his condition or what caused the wreck.



    When ever I go out I make sure that i drive my military surplus M4 Sherman tank. Cant be too cautious with suburban moms driving their SUVs like they own the road, If they cant be trusted to be aware of motorcycles how can I trust them to not crash into me when they text on their cellphones while applying lipstick? I find that if I fire a round out of the attached howitzer it rattles their primitive brains just enough to keep their eyes on the road.

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