Crews Begin Milling, Paving Viewmont Drive

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DICKSON CITY -- Crews started milling and paving Viewmont Drive in Dickson City Tuesday night.

The road that connects the many stores and restaurants in Dickson City's business district is littered with potholes.

The company that owns the Viewmont Mall also owns Viewmont Drive.

Officials say a lot of the paving work will be done at night here in Lackawanna County.

Original Story -- A road that connects a busy business district will be getting a long-awaited facelift starting Tuesday night.

Paving is planned for Viewmont Drive in Dickson City.

Viewmont Drive is one of the busiest roads in Lackawanna County, and if you ask shoppers who have to go up and down it, it is also considered one of the worst.

The Viewmont Mall's owner also owns Viewmont Drive. They will pour a lot of money into the road this week in hopes of giving it a long-term fix.

Potholes peppered on Viewmont Drive that connects many of the big-box stores in Dickson City's business district and the Viewmont Mall itself.

"It's convenient for shopping and so we just have to brave the road."

This week, shoppers will also have to dodge construction traffic but it's a means to an end. Crews will start making repairs to Viewmont Drive Tuesday around 9 p.m.

The Viewmont Mall's parent company owns the road. Officials say a lot of the work will be done at night.

"My wife is coming down and she's saying, 'Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!' because we kept hitting the potholes, you know? You dodge one and three come to its funeral. You just can't help it. You got to hit one of them," said Jim Kerwin of Honesdale.

"I think it needs repaving and I wish when they repaved it. It would last more than a couple of weeks," said Mary Walker of Lenox.

Officials say the paving will start alongside Books A Million bookstore.

Plans are to extend the paving project all the way down to the intersection of Viewmont Drive and Main Avenue.

Officials with the Viewmont Mall say it's the most amount of money they have ever spent on paving Viewmont Drive at one time, well into six figures.

That's a worthy investment, according to shoppers we talked to, but they also tell us the potholes still won't stop them from shopping there."

Officials from Viewmont Mall say the paving work should take several days but they do not know exactly when it will all wrap up.


  • James

    Blakely patch job seems abandoned with main road still closed. Take your time fellas. Why not pave viewmont drive and congest it to a detour or one lane during prime hours like 380,84,80 and finish up a few holes by Christmas 2020?? Plazas lose business for “long terms repairs?? The whole design and layout of that area was blue printed by an inbicile.

  • I pay taxes too

    Are they merely going to feebly fill the holes again or REPAVE THE WHOLE ROAD as they should?!

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