Three Charged After Wellness Check for Toddler Reveals Drug Activity

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Three people are facing multiple charges after a wellness check for a toddler revealed child endangerment and drug activity.

Ariel Burke, 20, and David Button, 23, of West Abington Township, and Kayla Thurston, 20, of Factoryville were taken into custody late Saturday night after police responded to a wellness check call made for a 3-year-old boy.

According to police, the hotel manager noticed the 3-year-old roaming the hallway of the Nichols Village unsupervised for a number of hours, and proceeded to alert authorities. The manager was also accompanied by the father of Thurston, who tracked down his daughter to the hotel and was "concerned for her safety, due to her drug use."

Police located multiple types of drug paraphernalia in the room, including methamphetamine, suboxone, and "dirty, uncapped" syringes, and alerted a CYS caseworker to the child endangerment situation.

Officials report the 3-year-old was taken by CYS and placed with a "responsible family member," while the three adults were placed into custody.

All three were arraigned by Magistrate Paul Keeler and bail was set at $10,000 each.




    Hoping they get the care, treatment, and support that they need in their lives… No matter what the costs.

    • bill williams

      as a recovered and productive heroin addict i have some colorful words to say to you sir/mam. During active addiction, i have done all of the bad you’ve heard of short of robbing a bank. If not for support from my family and a strong will i would have died years ago. If its not a disease what is it? Its certainly not just simply a choice ignorant morons like you think it is. people from all walks of life end up in the same exact position and more often than not it starts with doctors. thanks for being productive about this giant issue though, if everyone thought the way you did our area would be nothing but rubble.

      • addiction is not a disease

        Bill- It’s a choice. I woke up this morning and CHOSE not to do heroin. Here it is evening now and I’m still heroin free. See how that works? Pretty neato huh?! You CHOSE to do heroin, and I have chosen not to.

      • snuffy

        Who put a gun to your head the first time you used heroin? Oh, wait, I guess you had no idea it was addictive. Honestly, if you use heroin while supervising a child, you deserve to OD. Those 2 in the viral photo in the car, with the kid in the back seat, the cop should have given them a hot shot, finished them off, instead of naloxone.

      • iseedumbpeople

        While you both have a point I agree with Bill Williams that everyone deserves a chance to change their lives around by God’s Grace. But I also understand and agree it’s a choice. I am 31 years clean. Never did heroin but did enough drugs to overdose 3 times. Third time almost died.
        I also understand “Addiction is not a disease” frustration because there have been people in our lives that have burned us and we read story after story like this one and worse. Addicts kill people, overdose and leave babies to starve, and murder loved ones and friends who try to help them or they just rob them for drug money.
        It’s a slippery slope at best. More often than not the addict has to do this on their own at a rehab, sober house, prison, what and wherever away from people that will enable them or that they take advantage of.


    How do you know they are poor? Because they are living out of a hotel? You think you are better than them because you have more money? Get your priorities in order and stop judging people less fortunate than yourself. Geez…

    • iseedumbpeople

      The welfare of this child comes before hurting these junkies feeling! Judging? Your priorities are beyond screwed . There were dirty syringes, meth, and suboxone in the room with a 3 yr old running around.

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