Crash Leaves One Dead, Three Injured in Montour County

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VALLEY TOWNSHIP -- One person has died and three more are battling serious injuries after an early morning rollover crash in Montour County.

According to police reports, the incident occurred around 3:30 a.m. Sunday on Interstate 80 near Danville.

The driver was traveling westbound when he lost control of the vehicle while switching lanes, according to investigators. The car rolled several times before coming to a rest.

Troopers said the drive, Kenneil Pusey, 25, of Wilkes-Barre, was killed. Three passengers have serious injuries.

That crash is still under investigation.


  • A safe elderly driver

    Must have been an elderly driver causing more havoc on the highways. They are dangerous and not safe and besides that they drive to darned slow.

      • A safe elderly driver

        Good point but after a story about an elderly woman who drove the wrong way on 81 and caused several crashes everyone piled on the elderly with much anger and accusations when even the CDC studies showed that most accidents in this Country are caused by teenage drivers sixteen to eighteen years old. I just get weary of identity politics and people blaming everyone and everything ie: design of the highway, poor signage, curve is to dangerous and sharp. No one takes responsibility for their own mistakes. It`s always someone else`s fault. People speed, they run red lights they drive drunk and on drugs, run stop signs, drive reckless, roll over etc., but they love to jump on the older drivers as the major cause of accidents while everyone else is just written off. Of course truck drivers are another target for the blame it on someone or something crowd.

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