Business Owner Accused of Illegally Selling Prescription Drugs out of Store in Mayfield

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MAYFIELD -- A businessman in Lackawanna County has been arrested on drug charges.

Investigators say Eric Ofcharsky, 44, was selling illegal prescription drugs out of his family-owned grocery store in Mayfield.

Ofcharsky is facing several felony drug charges after the Lackawanna County Drug Task Force allegedly caught him in the act of selling the prescription drugs from his family’s store, the Big Chief Market in Mayfield.

At the Windsor Inn in neighboring Jermyn, employees know the Ofcharsky family and their business very well.

“I was shocked. I had been going there for the last eight years,” said Robert Hunt, the manager of the Windsor Inn. “We do business with them and I was totally shocked. I’m up there four, five times a week.”

“I was very surprised, especially since how small the community we live in and how family oriented the store seemed to be,” said Jason Ciesielski, a server at the Windsor Inn. “It came as a shock to probably everybody.”

According to court documents, a confidential informant told the county’s drug task force on March 27 that Ofcharsky was selling oxycodone and Adderal from inside the store. That launched a three-week undercover investigation into Ofcharsky, where officers sent in two confidential informants to buy those pills several times.

After observing Ofcharsky repeatedly selling pills to them, officers arrested and charged him.

“Eric’s, he’s a good person,” said Hunt. “I just think he got caught up with the wrong people and I feel bad for him and I’d help him out any way I can, but when it comes to drugs, I have no tolerance.”

Mary Ree used to work at the Big Chief Market and says she feels bad for Ofcharsky’s mother and sister, saying his father passed away recently. She believes the community will support them in this hard time.

“They’ve got their loyal customers that have been going there for years and they’ll still be there for her. I’ll still be there for her,” said Ree.

“I just bad for Mara and the mother, they just lost the father, just devastating,” said Hunt.

Ofcharsky is being held at the Lackawanna County Prison on $150,000 bail.


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