Shamokin Dress Factory Collapses, More Than a Thousand Without Power

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SHAMOKIN -- A former dress factory in Shamokin collapsed Sunday, causing power outages for about 1,200 homes and businesses.

Shamokin's mayor tells Newswatch 16 strong winds caused the collapse.

"We just came home from church, and my daughter and I stepped right out and all as you heard was bam," Janet Eveland, Shamokin, said.

Mayor Bill Millbrand says the building has been vacant since 1989. The dilapidated building is up for sheriff's sale and has been in disrepair for a few years but Shamokin doesn't have enough money to demolish the building.

"We been working with the county and the county housing authority try and secure funding, but believe me, it's not easy. We have a lot of blighted properties," Bill Millbrand said.

Jean Banford of Shamokin tells Newswatch 16 her grandfather used to own the dress factory.

"I have a hard time coming up here to see the building in the condition that it`s in. When I see this building that we take extra care of, it's sad, very sad," Banford said.

Neighbors say the building has been collapsing over the years, but today's power outage happened right in the middle of cooking for dinner.


  • Writer Girl

    Why, why do owners and towns let buildings get to this point? It shouldn’t be allowed to happen. If the owner abandons the building and no one wants to buy it, then give it to a non profit for a reasonable amount, advertise it elsewhere or knock it down within a reasonable period of time. Just because an owner wants big bucks for his property, doesn’t mean he/she should shove it off on others. Now Shamonkin has to find the money to demolish it? Ridiculous!
    Nothing should ever be left to rot like this!

  • Valfreyja

    The state government needs to do to Shamokin what they did to centralia; that place is a ghost town that just hasn’t figured out the body has died yet.

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