Kitchen Chemistry: Macarons 101

Macarons are a sophisticated, colorful dessert.  We visit Kitchen Chemistry in Stroudsburg, where Lisa Deemer teaches the basics of making macarons.

French Macaron Recipe

Kitchen Chemistry

733 Main Street, Stroudsburg PA 18360


Sift together:

6.4 ounces Almond Flour

6.4 ounces 10x sugar

Add 2 egg whites and blend well, set aside


6.4 oz table sugar

1.6 ounces water

Cook to 240 degrees


2 egg whites beaten until soft peaks form.

¼ teaspoon cream of tarter


Slowly pour hot sugar mixture into soft peaks

Beat until glossy white and stiff.


Fold 1/3 of the sugar/egg mixture into the almond flour/egg mixture and beat will to loosen the batter.


GENTLY BUT FIRMLY  fold in remaining egg mixture – until batter “ribbons” off the spatula.


Divide, flavor and color batter.

Put into pastry bags.

Cut tip to approximately ¼”


Carefully pipe even sized circles of batter.  Use a template if possible.


When pan is full….Firmly tap to release air bubbles.

Let set at least 20 minutes until surface is not sticky.


Bake at 310 degrees for 10 – 14 minutes.

Let cool.


Fill as desired.

Shelf life 5 days to 1 week

Can be frozen