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Former Wyoming County Official Admits Buying Ink for Gift Cards

TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- The former director of Wyoming County's 911 center will serve one year probation for theft.

Debra Raimondi was sentenced Friday right after pleading guilty.

Police say Raimondi bought 1,200 ink cartridges, worth $92,000, to get Walmart gift cards that came with those purchases.

Raimondi was given a $1,000 fine and has to pay the county $750.


  • 911, what's your emergency?

    How does someone in a public agency buy almost $92,000 of anything and not get questioned by anyone? Taxpayers of Wyoming County – you are getting ripped off.

  • Bill K

    So she had to repay $1750. Let’s say each gift card was worth $10. She got $1200 worth of gift cards. Her total “fine” was $550. How was she allowed to purchase this many ink cartridges? Were there no checks and balances? Why did it take this long for someone managing the budget to see something is grossly wrong?

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