Grant Would Help Update Community Park

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LIMESTONE TOWNSHIP -- There's something about the playground that can bring out the child in most of us.

"It's quiet. It's shaded," said Sara Caputo. "It feels safe."

Caputo and her 5-year-old Piper had Nipponese Valley Park all to themselves.

"I think that there is always room for improvements," said Caputo.

The playground near Jersey Shore used to belong to Nipponese Valley Elementary. When it closed, Limestone Township took it over.

"It used to get used quite a bit before the school was closed," said Dale Winter.

Limestone Township workers and the owners of Nipponese Valley Village, the personal care facility inside the former elementary school have teamed up and applied for a state grant. They want to update the park.

"I think they put in for right around $300,000,” said Winter.

"Our vision from the beginning has been to keep this a recreation hub,” said Julie Steinbacher.

If the group gets the grant, the plan is to update the playground, add a walking path, and renovate the tennis and basketball courts outside.

"I still play basketball on my own sometimes," said Dick Young.

While many aren't in as good health as Dick Young, plenty of the tenants are still young at heart, so improvements are welcome.

"It makes you feel younger, makes you last longer,” said Young.

"This whole idea of the multi-generational where the older people aren't just in a home some place but they are still part of the community," said Steinbacher.

"I think that's great anything where you can have multi-generations working together everyone can learn from each other and grow together,” said Caputo.

The township hopes to know if it will receive the grant by June.