UPDATE: Parents Locked Up after Toddler Eats Bag of Meth

WAYNE TOWNSHIP — UPDATE: John Kemmerer and Leanne Popp have been charged and are now locked up in Schuylkill County prison.


Parents of a toddler are facing child endangerment charges after state police say the girl ate a bag of meth.

State police said the 22-month-old girl had to be flown to the hospital after swallowing the drugs at a home near Schuylkill Haven Sunday morning.

Investigators said charges are pending against the girl’s parents, John Kemmerer, 26, and Leanne Popp, 24, both of Auburn.

There is no word on the child’s condition.

Check back for the latest updates as more information becomes available.


  • XKPX

    Parents of the year….
    Take the child away and place in a loving home that does not have addicts as parents.
    Strip them of their parental rights.

  • JP

    Once again the parents aren’t married so that means Leanne is sucking off the system, so that means we the taxpayers are supporting another pair of drug addicts.

  • Clarissa

    Easy solution here – put the so-called parents in jail FOREVER, and find loving adoptive parents for the baby. This whole thing that Children/Youth promotes about “keeping the family together” is total BS. I also believe in mandatory sterilization in cases like this. They should never be given a chance to bring more children into the world.

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