Students in Lackawanna County Consider Career Options

DUNMORE -- Students at a high school in Lackawanna County are spending some time considering their futures.

The Northeast Intermediate Unit and Diocese of Scranton held a career fair Wednesday at Holy Cross High School in Dunmore.

Professionals from all lines of work were invited including representatives from NASA, a magician, even our own Scott Schaffer and Noreen Clark.

The fair gave the students a chance to learn a little more about the jobs they might want to have when they graduate and the ones they might not.


    • GoofOnTheRoof (@GoofOnTheRoof)

      Pennsylvania has become so politically toxic, that businesses can hardly afford to operate anywhere in Pennsylvania. It would be best for those kids if they went moved west. Ohio is the closest state where they have a good chance of prospering, but they can do better than Ohio, too. Steer clear of Oklahoma though. It’s bad there, and it’ll only get worse as time progresses.

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