Woman Dies After Completing Scranton Half Marathon

SCRANTON -- A woman has died after crossing the finish line of the Scranton Half Marathon on Sunday.

According to the Lackawanna County coroner, a 36-year-old woman collapsed after she crossed the finish line. She was taken to Geisinger Community Medical Center where she died.

Officials with the Scranton Half Marathon confirm Lindsay Doherty, 36, of Scranton is the runner who died.

More than 2,000 runners took part in Sunday's 13.1 mile race. Only after crossing the finish line at Valor Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium did other runners realize that one of them had collapsed.

"It was very shocking for me to hear. It's unfortunately something that does happen in any kind of exercise, but on such a great day it was unexpected," said Maryann Sheerer of Avoca.

Runners from 26 states and even as far away as Ethiopia ran through the city of Scranton. Doherty was one of them, even reaching the finish line.

In a statement to Newswatch 16, race officials confirmed her death, saying:

"On behalf of the Scranton Half Marathon, our hearts go out to the Doherty family on the loss of Lindsay."

Even after Doherty's death, Maryann Sheerer plans to keep running, in memory of a fellow runner.

"Only because it is a risk like anything else. You don't know what is going to happen."

The cause of Doherty's death is still under investigation.



  • magicmikexxsm

    So we now know that an artery or vein broke, and bleed into her abdomen…
    add the pounding of her heart cause she was running, and see bleed out fast……..
    For what all for a stupid race…..maybe if she was home, they would have caught it and saved her life…now 3 kids have no mother…….running like that isn’t healthy for your body…

  • It Happens

    Smoke Cigarettes, Drink Daily, Eat Cheeseburgers = Die Anyway
    Eat Organic, Drink Water, Stay Fit = Die Anyways

    • Steelers in 2017

      How could any scumbag piece of trash give a THUMBS DOWN to any of these posts that mentions prayers to the family, God bless the children, etc?

  • Allen

    This is so sad to hear 😦 …I know this sometimes can happen to runners and it’s always a hard thing for supporters, organizers and participants to have occur at their event,.. especially with what’s supposed to be a happy achievement. My thoughts are with all who are affected by this difficult tragedy.

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