Benton Man Arrested on Rape Charges

PITTSTON — U.S. Marshals arrested a man from Columbia County on rape charges.

Alfonzo Glenn is accused of beating and raping a woman at a home in Pittston in February.

That man from Benton was picked up Tuesday.

He is locked up in Columbia County.


  • Sasquatch

    I thank all the “experts” for correcting me about the information on the lack of a police force in Benton a (a place I could care less about) and the PSP apprehension goon squad I typically avoid Columbia , luzerne counties as they don’t have much to offer other than remind me of a dreadful trip to new Jersey once but this is solely my opinion I’ll let you armchair “experts” sort it out……

  • Kenny Chesnick

    I kissed a girl from Benton when I was in college. She left a bad taste in my mouth. She stank too. Her sister was pretty though.

  • ken schomp

    I don’t think Benton has a pd,nor Berwick psp having a fugitive apprehension team,as for the usms,thats there job,day in and day out they receive intel from local auth. concerning wanted criminals,and then assemble regional usms team to apprehend,sounds to me like a very well coordinated effort to keep us safe,thanks to the grunts on the ground(psp)the usms was able to effect this warrant in a manner that all persons involved were able to go home unscathed,

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