Talkback 16: In Defense of “Youse”

In today's edition of Talkback 16, callers commented on the budget-blasting blizzard, replacing the mounds of snow with mounds of debt. Plus, calls came in defense of a grammatically incorrect, but much loved regional dialect staple -- the word "youse."


  • Paul Valverde

    I do not find overweight body types attractive. I am attracted to thin and thin with assets mostly. I myself am 6 foot at 175 pounds. Athletic is good if it’s toned but there is a point of overkill where it just becomes unattractive. Athletic thick is pretty hot if the definition is there and they really put a lot of work in their body. Thick also should not be misinterpreted for overweight or fat which people commonly mistake. I never was a tit guy and have always been an ass man personally. I myself used to work out but having a high metabolism really screws things up because I can constantly work out and never put on muscle mass. I am however toned but also don’t enjoy overdoing that because there is a sense of elegance in attractiveness I want to keep instead of being a brick.

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