Mother Guilty of Abusing Baby Girl

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WEST HAZLETON — A mother has been found guilty of abusing her child in West Hazleton.

Officers arrested Lourdes Rodriguez, 26, of West Hazleton, after her 16-month-old daughter was discovered unresponsive and bleeding from her mouth back in March of 2015.

Rodriguez also admitted to abusing her son when he was 3 years old.

She is scheduled to be sentenced for both crimes next month.


  • Sasquatch

    This worthless piece of scum needs to be removed from society the gene pool still needs more chlorine……

  • JP

    So now the taxpayers will be paying for her in jail and the kids in foster care. Oh, wait we are already paying for them. Probably doesn’t even know who the fathers are. No more assistance for her.

  • Sloppyjoe

    Poor anchor babies and no father the system does not work you can’t just keep saying come on in what kind of plan do you want this is abuse and these sanctuary cities should not be lenient on on these people!

  • Bill

    More kids in the system who will need help. Please consider checking out becoming the voice for a child by becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). I am for the child. You can be too.

  • Jane

    Take the kids .. Prob another drug infested , no job , collect of the system situation . Is the bus full?

  • Melissa K Miller

    Y was she even allowed to leave the hospital with this child if she has a history of abuse against the 3 year old. She should never be allowed to be able to have kids in her care ever again.

  • think positive

    She’s obviously not capable of love. Unfortunately, due to the fact that many therapists and counselors rely on rehabilitation with most criminals, she’ll get a light sentence. Then, she’ll continue to have kids and abuse them.
    And the cycle goes on.

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