Truck Ban in NY Fills PA Truck Stops with Rigs

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- Speed restrictions and treacherous roads Wednesday meant a lot of tractor trailer drivers put it in park for the day.

Hundreds of truckers tried to find spots to stay safe in Luzerne County. Some drivers decided to make Route 315 their truck stop for the day and now night.

Several told us they didn't even bother trying to go up the hill to the Petro truck stop because it's packed.

Jay Fabia is one of those truck drivers. He had been parked for nine hours already when we caught up with him. He said he's been passing time, Facetiming with his family in California.

"It's spring break now, and they don't like it. They want me to be home, but I got to do what I got to do, right?" Fabia said.

As for Chuck Cuddington, he may be used to driving in the winter weather.

"I sat in a backup for about three hours on 476," he said.

That doesn't mean he's a fan of it, however. He parked along Route 315 and hiked up the hill to the truck stop because he didn't expect any open spots.

Just a couple miles south in Pittston Township, drivers packed the Pilot gas station and even blocked the entrance to a shopping center.

Some truck drivers have had to make truck stops their home for a few days. One driver says he got there on Monday night, and he probably won't get out of there until Friday morning.

Dom Jordan doesn't expect to be here more than 48 hours. That's long enough for him. He's from Arizona, and this is just his second time to the Northeast.

"The last time I was up here, I was in Boston and got shut down in the blizzard," said Jordan.

Several truckers we spoke with said they have to make deliveries in New York. They plan on staying idle until travel restrictions are lifted farther north.