The Big Dig in Lackawanna County

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DICKSON CITY -- Places all over the area are still buried after Tuesday's blizzard.

Now, thousands are starting to clean up from the record-breaking snowfall.

It's the winter storm that has many of us feeling snow overload. Everywhere you look in Lackawanna County the piles of powder keep growing. The skies were clear overnight but the whipping wind did a doozy on the roads Wednesday morning, basically undoing a lot of the work by plow crews.

For many morning commuters like Vince Smargiassi, gassing up in the Dickson City area for that dicey drive was a must. After all, another snow day wasn't an option.

"I wish it was gone already," he said.

As the morning went on, more shovels hit the sidewalks along Boulevard Avenue.

"Definitely going to invest in a snow blower next year," said Ben Pozniak. "It's pretty heavy, especially the stuff coming off the streets. It's doing a number on my back, but again, you got to do what you got to do."

One other tip from area police officers: if your vehicle's been parked outside for the past 48 hours, not only should you be cleaning off your headlights, the windshield, and your hood, but also the roof. That's because if anything flies off of your ride and hits someone else's and causes an accident, you could face a fine or worse.

The Blizzard of 2017 is also bringing out the best in people. Jack Tompko braved the bitter cold to help an elderly friend.

"This is my third time down here during the storm trying to help keep her clean so the nurses can come in," he said.

And Jason Kresge was another off to lend a hand hoofing it on two feet.

"I have to go dig my mom out right now," Kresge said.



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