Stores Reopen in Snowy Susquehanna County

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CLIFFORD TOWNSHIP – A bread truck sat outside Maxson Family Market in Clifford Township, reloading an otherwise quiet but open supermarket.

"It's pretty much turned out to be a restocking day," said Lewis Kingsborough. "We haven't had many customers at all, but we are here for them if they decide to come in."

Quiet days come after tripling their business on Monday before the snow came through and pummeled parts of this area with more than two feet of snow in about a day.

For those who were brave enough to go out in the snow, there was one common thing just about everybody was buying in this supply store: replacement parts for plow trucks and snow blowers.

Art Congdon rolled in to Clifford Supply to fix the chain on his snow blower. Besides the breakdown, Congdon won't forget this snowstorm and he's used to snow coming through Susquehanna County.

"Everybody is trying to get cleaned up and the heavy snow like this breaks stuff so you have to stay out of trouble with it," said Congdon.

Cassandra Wilkins keeps the phone close by as she's inundated with calls from people asking if the store is open.

"It's pretty surreal," said Wilkins. "It hasn't snowed like this in quite a few years, so it's kind of exciting."

It's a snow storm to remember, even in a place that's known for snowfalls.