Hydrants Uncovered After Snowstorm in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT -- After a record-breaking blizzard, Gabe Weaver and a few other teams of firefighters spent the day searching and then uncovering hydrants across Williamsport.

"Most of the hydrants today have been buried. We've only done about 15 or 20 this morning,” said Gabe Weaver "Very upsetting because, like I said, that's detrimental to our job. That's how we put the fires out,” he continued.

Firefighters were glad to see a hydrant was already uncovered on Isabella Street. There was a fire at a home on the street on Tuesday.

"We were out shoveling snow and we heard fire trucks and they sounded like they were getting pretty close and I heard them turn up Isabella Street," said Shawn Shaffer.

Shawn Shaffer usually uncovers the hydrant outside his house. He wasn't finished shoveling when a police officer came over and asked for a shovel. Shaffer jumped in and helped clear the snow covering the hydrant.

"People don't think about it, you know? They are so worried about getting their own cars out and cleaned. It's not something they think of," said Shaffer.

While firefighters can easily uncover hydrants, they are asking the public to do their part in keeping them cleared. Williamsport Fire Chief Todd Heckman thinks that's time well spent.

"Take some time, two extra seconds and shovel the hydrant outside of your house. It might be your house you save or it might be your neighbor’s house you’re saving or a life," said Chief Todd Heckman.

If you are unable to uncover a hydrant, call a neighbor or your local fire department for assistance.