UPDATE: Route 15 Opens after Rig Wreck

UPDATE: Route 15 reopened around 3:30 p.m.

MONTGOMERY — Route 15 is closed in both directions between Route 54 near Montgomery in Clinton Township, Lycoming County, and Route 44 in Allenwood, Union County, due to a tractor-trailer crash near the Lycoming-Union County line, according to PennDOT.

It happened before 3 p.m. Tuesday.

A detour is in place.

There is no word on injuries or the cause of the crash.

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    • sc

      no trucking company can force a driver on the road if a driver deems conditions (unsafe) or the driver will run beyond legal (on-duty) hours. “no company can fire or black-list a cdl driver for saying “no”, under these conditions as the cdl driver is responsible for their own actions and protected by law from such treatment.
      I am a trucker and i say “NO”!!!!
      if any logistics company tried to force or black-list Me, I’d OWN that company in court of law.

  • A Toyota Yaris Is not a snowmobile

    Open for what?

    Stay off the darn roads unless you are an emrergency responder or plow.

  • Christine L. Bird

    Some of you have families to feed,bill’s that need paid……I get that!! However; what happen’s to that family when you’re no longer around to care for,to love & hug them ever again!!!…Use your head dear trucker’s…”STAY OFF THE ROAD’S” @ Least until they’re deemed much safer! I’m willing to wait for that milk,bread etc,,DON’T BE A STATISTIC!!!

    • El Ma

      What kind of dipsh*t would attempt to drive in this blizzard? I know many long-distance drivers that would NEVER put themselves, their cargo, or the emergency crews into such peril. (face palm) Sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh. I hope that nobody was injured or killed as a result of the driver’s stupidity.

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