Skiing to Remember Teddy

CARBON COUNTY -- Folks took to the slopes Sunday to honor the life of a young man in Carbon County.

A ski-a-thon was held near Palmerton at Blue Mountain Ski Area.

Teddy Bedrossian was an 18-year-old who passed away nine years ago from kidney failure. Teddy defied doctors by living much longer than the four months predicted.

Line-cutting privileges along with an all day lift ticket were included in the ski-a-thon. T-shirts, food, and fun were part of the event.

Those who knew Teddy, knew of his strength.

"He just, in his own non-verbal way, was able to capture the hearts of a lot of people. He taught me, personally, that, you know, it's really the little things in life that are important," Ned Bedrossian, Teddy's father, said.

Proceeds from Sunday's ski-a-thon will support the Davidson School Building Initiative.