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Williamsport Hosts Sixth Annual St. Patrick’s Parade

WILLIAMSPORT -- Scranton wasn't the only city with a parade on Saturday.

Williamsport hosted its sixth annual St. Patrick's Parade headed by the staff at iHeartMedia. There were dozens of entries for floats and new faces.

The parade marched down West Fourth Street, and while it's not as large as the celebration in the Electric City, Billtown still puts on quite a parade.

"It's cold but yeah, we got all the Irish garb on and just celebrating Irishness. I'm thinking maybe the cold kept people away, but they should've come out anyway," said Robyn Muffley of Williamsport.

Despite the frigid weather, people still came out to celebrate.

After the parade, many local businesses opened up for a restaurant and pub tour.

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  • Seneca

    Great parade. Lots of fun, no divisive politics or other idiocy. A lot like the way it used to be elsewhere.

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