Watch the Old Kaier Brewery Come Crashing Down in Mahanoy City

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MAHANOY CITY -- That building in Schuylkill County in danger of collapse earlier this week has been brought down safely.

The snow didn't stop demolition crews from dismantling the former Kaier Brewery in Mahanoy City.

Crews spent hours Thursday carefully knocking down the building along North Main Street. It started collapsing earlier this week.

The demolition that was supposed to take two hours took two days.

North Main Street in Mahanoy City remains closed but 20 neighbors forced out of their homes on Tuesday have been allowed to return.

Boomer Brown and his wife had to leave their home near the Kaier Brewery on Tuesday. Safety officials feared the building would collapse.

The Red Cross put them up at a nearby hotel.

"It was like a second honeymoon, but we had the dog with us, too," said Brown.

But even before the building came down all the way, crews knocked off enough bricks to allow Brown and 19 other neighbors to go back to their homes.

"It's like hitting the lottery," Brown said. "My house is intact. They did a wonderful job. These people are professionals."

Some spectators wondered if the steel skeleton of the brewery building would remain standing through the weekend.

Then at about 2:15 p.m., the excavator pulled a column from the ground floor and the building collapsed leaving a cloud of brick and concrete dust.

"It went up, and that was it, and it went down after a while. And the building is no more, and the building's no more and thank God, and there's one less danger in the Mahanoy City area," said Clara Ballesteros.

Soon the debris will be removed to make way for a park dedicated to veterans from Mahanoy City.

Boomer Brown is glad to be back in his home and even though demolition crews took two days to knock down the brewery, brOwn says they did things the right way.

"I worked in construction for 40-something years doing bridges and all that and I thought these guys are really good."

Also on Friday, crews found a safe in the building which now legally belongs to Mahanoy City. A borough council member tells Newswatch 16 there is no money in the safe, just a few payroll records.


  • electrick

    Am I the only one who noticed that the building demo in MAHANOY CITY, that was said to have been brought down safely, looks to me, by the video that one of the columns almost killed the operator of the excavator?

    • Everybody must get stoned

      So how long has it been since they terminated you for having kiddy-porn on your computer and wearing your ‘furry’ costume to work?

  • FakeTruth

    Rumor is the families forced out have been killed and will be buried under the new building after their homes are seized and demolished as well.

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