UPDATE: Interstate 81 near Hazleton Back Open after Tractor Trailer Crash

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81 Crash

UPDATE: Interstate 81 north in Hazleton is back open after Friday morning’s crash.

HAZLETON — Interstate 81 north is closed in Hazelton after a tractor trailer crash.

The highway is closed between exit 141 (Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce Beltway/Hazleton) and exit 143 (Hazleton/SR 924).

Officials say there is a tractor trailer across the road.

PennDOT urges drivers to use caution during the winter weather.

Click here for the WNEP Traffic Tracker.


  • Sam I Am

    Ever notice when a car causes the accident that no one bashes the driver.
    How about all those wrong way accidents, not 1 was a truck.

    • Brenda

      I completely agree.These companies do not give a crap about their drivers. They demand they drive in horrible conditions, there is no saying “I’m not going out today” Their loads have to be delivered no matter what. My husband was involved in an accident due to bad road conditions and he’s been driving for many years accident free. He hit a pot hole and wasn’t going fast, the truck slid, he managed to save the tractor but not the trailer. Not only does he have to drive in it he also has to hand unload it and sometimes shovel his customers walks so he can take the product in the door because they are too lazy to do it. How about giving these drivers some credit.

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