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Talkback 16: Legalizing Recreational Marijuana, America and Russia

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Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include legalizing recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania, political comments, and reaction to a call about all of the St. Patrick's parades.


  • John Robinson

    Making Marijuana legal for recreational use in Pennsylvania won’t make it legal. It is still illegal under federal law.

  • Ron Davis

    I noticed you aired a caller who said he voted for Trump, but accused him of not doing his job. He then suggested that Trump do his job or leave office. BUT…it was totally useless because he made no mention of exactly what it is that he thinks Trump isn’t doing to fulfill the duties of his office. Does anyone screen these calls before they air them or maybe it was just someone’s pal who wanted to diss Trump for no reason? Ridiculous!

    • Real American

      Probably an extreme righter that is upset that Trump hasn’t instantly built the wall, repeal ACA or rounded up all the non whites and put them in death camps.

      Alt Left hates him for what he is… alt right hates him for what he isn’t, and normal America just wants sanity and prosperity in this country.

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