PA Farm Bureau Donates $19K to Ronald McDonald House

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- The Danville Ronald McDonald House gets donations from time to time, but a special delivery on Tuesday was worth more than $19,000.

Shawna Melanson of Bellefonte and her family have been staying at the Ronald McDonald House near Danville for about two weeks.

"I'm here for actually identical twin girls. They were born at 33 weeks," Melanson said.

The twins are doing well, and Melanson says the Ronald McDonald House has been a blessing to her family, so when she saw the house was getting a donation, she checked it out.

Members of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau from almost a dozen counties in central Pennsylvania came together to donate more than $19,000 in food, household products, and money. The project is called Farmers Care.

"We help stock the pantry with food and paper products that help feed the Ronald McDonald House pretty much through the whole year," Georgia Klischer said.

It's not just adults who collected items for the Ronald McDonald House, students from Danville Area High School also made a contribution.

The Danville Future Farmers of America club raised more than $3,000 in about one month.

"It feels wonderful to be able to help all the families here who are struggling in the hospital. It feels great to help them out," Ethan Benjamin said.

So why the Ronald McDonald House?

"I mean it's very simple. It's helping children and it's totally worth it," Klischer said.

"Some of us come from a minimum of an hour away to two to three hours. There are people who have been a state away and ended up stuck here for help and it feels like a home away from home," Melanson said.

And to Shawna Melanson, that feeling means the world.