Group Hopes to Restore Bridge at Beltzville State Park

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- If you ever visited Beltzville State Park near Lehighton, you may have made your way across the "Buck Bridge." It's been a part of Carbon County for almost 200 years.

"It was built by a local family, the Buck family, so we call it the Buck Bridge, and it was moved from where the lake is now to here," said John Dworsky, Friends of Beltzville State Park.

The bridge was moved to this area of the state park in 1970.

Members of a preservation group called Friends of Beltzville State Park say this bridge is one of the oldest covered bridges in the state and it's in need of some repairs.

"It's a 170-some years old, pre-Civil War, and we think we need to repair it before it falls down," said Joe Szwajkowski, Friends of Beltzville State Park.

The bridge is perfectly safe to walk on now, but it is showing its age, which is why people say the restoration needs to be done now so they don't risk losing the bridge.

"I am concerned about these trusses here which is basically the structure that supports it.  These guys here you can see the wall is damaged by insects," said Szwajkowski.

The restoration project has been given support by community members and officials in Franklin Township.

An engineer will come up with a plan to fix it.

"We are looking to kick things off this summer once we have the engineering part worked out and then we go from there, but it's one step at a time because we want it done right," said Dworsky.

The group is also trying to track down photos of the Buck Bridge to put on display.

If you have photos to share or would like to donate to the restoration effort, click here.