Buzz in Williamsport about Possible MLB Game

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Baseball fans in the Williamsport area are excited about reports that a Major League Baseball game might be coming to Billtown.

As part of the Little League World Series, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals may play ball at Historic Bowman Field.

Officials with the Little League World Series and the Pittsburgh Pirates will not confirm the game, but a newspaper out of St. Louis said it's a go for August 20.

There is an August 20 game scheduled between the Cardinals and the Pirates in Pittsburgh, but the article says Major League Baseball officials are in the process of relocating it to the Williamsport area.

"Facebook spreads like wildfire," said Williamsport resident Aaron Tokay. "People have shared it and they're like, 'If this is legit, it's crazy. We're definitely going to get tickets!'"

He's talking about the possibility of a Major League Baseball game being played in the Williamsport area.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the teams will relocate their August 20 game from PNC Park to the Williamsport area. Fans love the idea.

"That would be really neat if they could do that for the town, that would be cool I think. It's just a matter of pulling it off," said Joey Cassidy.

"I think it's super exciting. I saw something about it on Facebook maybe a week ago and I hope it happens," said Charles Reed.

"If you have something like that maybe to impact kids to come out and watch an actual professional game without having to travel to Pittsburgh or Philly, it would be a really good idea," Tokay added.

Little League officials said: "We are having discussions with MLB. There will be more details shortly. We are excited about the possibilities."

Pittsburgh Pirates officials said: "It would be a great event and experience for our team, but we cannot confirm the report."

Since the dimensions at the Little League stadiums are sized for children, the closest stadium in this area would be at BB&T Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field.

"I think that's the only place. I think it would be good. There's not much seating but it would be exciting. That's got to be the spot to have it," said Reed.

According to the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, the game would be featured on ESPN as part of Sunday Night Baseball. Little League officials tell Newswatch 16 more details will be released shortly.