Bank Robber Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison

A man who admitted robbing several banks in the Northeast, including three in Pennsylvania, will be spending several years behind bars.

David Parks, 61, of New Haven, Connecticut, was sentenced on Monday to 13 years in prison for six bank robberies in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Two of those robberies were in Luzerne County in July 2015.

He was caught after police say he robbed a bank in the Lehigh Valley in July 2015.

According to prosecutors, Parks previously pleaded guilty to the following bank robberies:


  • Bill

    How about the woman that killed the young man in Eynon, under the influence ,3 years.
    Probably won’t serve near that amount of time, not her first time either.
    So sad

    • Sam I Am

      The judicial system is complacent when it comes to DUI’s, as judges & lawyers all know that they too have driven drunk and don’t want a harsh judgement if caught.

  • Sam I Am

    13 years for robberies ?

    But have a 2nd offense of Hit and run, multiple DUI’s and kill a man in a hit and run, and only get 5 years Max.
    Something’s wrong here.

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