Shivering Shamrocks! Parade Season Steps Off with Chilly Temps

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PITTSTON -- The area's first St. Patrick's Parade of the year is a sure sign spring is on the way, but it sure didn't feel like it on Saturday.

Performers preparing for the Pittston St. Patrick's Parade did what they could to fight the cold. Some cheerleaders bundled up in everything they could find. Irish step dancers stretched. In these conditions, warmups are key.

Parade day brought snow squalls to Pittston, leaving spectators bracing against the wind.

"Body warmers, toe warmers, hand warmers, and afghans," Donna Kotansky of Berwick said.

One way to get warm before the parade was to run in the Leprechaun Loop. After the fun run finished, it was time for the main event.

Organizers brought the parade back to Pittston in 2014.

The event is a hit with the community, but the first week of March can feel freezing.

One group of people found a solution: haul heat lamps from home.

"Thanks to wonderful husbands who are willing to lug them from our houses so that we can enjoy the parade with a little warmth," said Colleen Kutchkus of Duryea.

The music and mirth were enough to make some people forget the cold.

"The parade brings everyone out. It's such a great social event. I mean, everyone becomes Irish today, right?" said Maureen Malloy of Pittston.