Both Lanes of Interstate 81 Closed in Schuylkill County After Multiple Crashes, White Out Conditions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DELANO TOWNSHIP -- PennDOT reports that both lanes of Interstate 81 in Schuylkill County are closed after an incident around 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon involving up to 20 cars near McAdoo.

Sources at PennDOT report that the northbound closure is between Exit 131A: PA 54 - Hometown and Exit 138: PA 309 - McAdoo/Tamaqua.

The southbound closures are between Exit 138: PA 309 - McAdoo/Tamaqua and Exit 134: Delano.

Stay tuned to WNEP's Traffic Tracker for further updates.


  • the road scholar

    Whiteouts don’t come out of nowhere. Even in Pa. with the hills you can still see them coming from a mile or two away. Pa. drivers are just horrible. No common sense. Too dumb to slow down. Their philosophy is….”it wasn’t here yesterday…derrrrr.”

  • Dana Smith

    Drove thru some today , could do 25 mph maxx , you would be an idiot to go faster , Insurance will write off accidents even though the poor drivers caused them, WHat is this NC ? People never drove in snow?

    • Christian Rutkoski

      I was in this pileup as it happened. Traffic was moving between 30-40 mph, but of course it all started with someone going a bit fast (around 45mph) and catching up to one of those people going 30, leaving them nowhere to go.

    • Everybody must get stoned

      “Insurance will write-off accidents” So exactly what does that mean? Everybody gets a new car, premiums don’t go up, everyone wins? Well then, I would like to write-off my student loan and mortgage. Write yours off while you’re at it.

  • Sam I Am

    Don’t blame a human being for the actions of other human beings that drive like a bat out of hell.

  • Thom

    A few quick things, first about the below comments. Calling people idiots does not solve anything and is somewhat degrading to oneself making the comment. As for people never plowing before and not thinking how snow falls and the amount of area it covers still is somewhat meaningless. The main points are with Penn Dot and the police in many jurisdictions. We all know that many times Penn Dot is at times not really on top of things for whatever reason. We also know that there are many speeders especially on the interstates and we need more police on the roads issuing tickets. With the amount of people speeding if caught should pay the salary of multiple officers. If people do not have the sense to drive safely someone should step in for those of us that do drive safely. I travel frequently and do the speed limit and see many people just fly on by and many on cell phones talking.

    And WNEP I am slightly disappointing in your reporting in many instances such as the story update on the above accident. The update you posted earlier was as follows “The section of I 81 north between the Delano Exit (134) and the McAdoo exit (138) has been reopened and the accident has been cleared as of 6:20PM,,according to PennDot.” However checking WYOU report right after looking at your report WYOU stated that this was still closed as of 6:45 PM and was expected to remain closed for several hours. I took photos of both stories and texted them to a person that would be traveling through that area becuase they wanted to know what to expect. Needless to say WYOU was correct and this was still closed as of 8:45 PM. I see that you removed that update from this story and with out an apology to those that depended on you for correct news.

  • Gino03

    I was on this stretch of road at the same time, I was about quater mile from the incident, people driving like its perfect weather , hualin balls in whiteout conditions , crazy , no plow tuck would have helped, there was no snow on the ground, I was going about 55 and people passed me like I was standing still, holy shit, slow down, I couldnt see more than 50 yds ahead, dont blame penndot for this one, blame people who should have thier driving privleges revoked.

  • Robert

    A minor example of what happens when you expect government to keep you safe. When your raised to think our elected leaders and their organizations (PennDOT) will keep you safe your nothing but a victim of your own ignorance.
    Just another example of natural selection.

  • jake

    You people are idiots and have never plowed. Snow falls instantly over the entire area, it takes time to clean it up. How about if you slow down and quit trying to pass everyone.
    How about for example, your driveway. You go out and shovel. You have 10 helpers. As you shovel, there are tons of walkers going over the thing before you’re done. They fall. This is how a road is. It’s a large territory and needs time to plow it. Penndot could hire more people and put alerts out but you know the type that keeps speeding.
    There are always pileups in all snow states. Use google.

    WNEP has the worst website. SPAM, SPAM, SPAM. You can’t read anything. You can’t even type without delays.

    • Everybody must get stoned

      Please stop using common sense and rationale. You’re just confusing the people that would like to blame others for their own ignorance and selfishness.

  • les

    Way to go PennDOT! You folks rock!
    How many multi vehicle pile ups happen in upstate NY or northern Ohio, or Wisconsin or Michigan for that matter? They get a helluva lot more snow than PA!!! And see lots of traffic too.
    Every time it snows there are pileups in PA.

    • Jay

      Your ignorance is comical. As was noted in the title of the article, the crash occurred in an area experiencing white-out conditions. What the heck is PennDOT supposed to do to prevent a white-out?? Get a clue.

      • Axia

        Apparently PennDOT should more than quintuple its annual budget in order to have plow trucks at the ready, stationed every 3 miles on the interstates, on standby, all snow season.

      • Axia

        You idiot white out conditions are just that unpredictable and can come instantly penn dot can only plow the road white out conditions are in the air. almost like fog, you dork. i have been driving on 81 when it hit almost instantly had to pull over could not see the hood of the car… I also agree with a few others about speed demons passing. SLOW DOWN Your ignorance is putting everyone else at risk if you need to go that fast take a plane…. 81 is the worse stretch of highway on a clear and sunny day…

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