Dozens Head Outside on Warm February Day

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DELAWARE WATER GAP -- Sunny and 75, but the calendar reads it's February.

If this weather seems wrong, these people at The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area don't want to be right.

'I have the day off from work so I figured I'd take the dog out.  It's fantastic, fantastic," said Peter Italiano, East Stroudsburg.

Peter Italiano from East Stroudsburg decided to take his black lab Brody out for a walk around Smithfield Beach near Marshalls Creek.

But on this unseasonably warm day, Brody had other plans.

"The ice is gone now so he's out there, he swims. I can't get him to go back to the truck," said Italiano.

A little further downriver, we found more people soaking up the sun.

These travelers were headed to New York City and stopped to have some lunch.

I think, I love the sun and I enjoy the perfect temperatures so it's great for me," said Joanne Frye, Ohio.

But some are not as enthusiastic.

"Personally I think it's incredibly weird and do not like it. I miss when it's freezing cold and raining or better yet, snowing," said Julian Krauze, Manhattan.

It's not every February you can kick off your shoes and head into the water. But it's exactly what a lot of people did and just like us, they are not complaining.

Carl Johnson decided to take his kayak for a ride on the Delaware River.

He says he's not going to argue with Mother Nature on days like this.

"Enjoying the day. It's beautiful out here and it's usually not like this in February," said Carl Johnson, New Jersey.

Karin Fulling spent the last week on the slopes.

She can't believe how quickly the weather has changed.

"It's a little unusual and we are hoping to get a little more snow so we can have a little more of a ski season but who knows," said Karin Fulling, Long Island.


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    Dozens? This wasn’t one of those silly protests Soros paid for, it was nice weather, It was probably more like thousands, maybe even a million…

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