In the Classroom on Presidents Day

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PALMYRA TOWNSHIP -- Most area students got a day off from school this Presidents Day, but in the Wallenpaupack Area District, class was in session and kids didn't seem to mind.

When Wallenpaupack Area's superintendent drew up the yearly calendar, Presidents Day was a school holiday. That changed when bad weather forced the district to cancel classes last week for the eighth time this winter.

On this Presidents Day at the Wallenpaupack Area School complex in Pike County, the parking lot was full while the snow was disappearing, and instead of being outside, sophomore John Fitzmorris is in math class, adding that he likes being in school on this day.

Superintendent Michael Silsby calls Presidents Day classes necessary in winters filled with snow days.

The alternative would be to make up days in June when school should be out, and Saturday classes for seniors.

"The goal of the district, obviously, is to try to have the school year end on time," said Silsby.

That's not easy in an area with less flexibility than most other school districts.

The Wallenpaupack Area School District will not start classes before Labor Day because the local tourism industry depends on some of these students for summer help.

Students aren't in class every Presidents Day. Last year, there were only three snow days, so the district added days off to its Easter weekend break.

But this year, the school system added classes on Presidents Day so it could keep a Friday and Monday surrounding Easter as vacation days.

"I think it's a good idea because I don't want to have to make up days around Easter. I'd rather spend that with my family," said sophomore Jamie Falgie.

For John Fitzmorris and his fellow students in math class, it's about percentages. Spending Presidents Day in a classroom lowers that chances they'll spend an extra day in school in mid-June.

"I would rather be here today because if we add on to the school year, it would mean less days of summer vacation," said Fitzmorris.

Despite the spring-like weather, the superintendent warns those April vacation days could be in jeopardy Silsby says in the last 20 years, Wallenpaupack Area has canceled classes more days in March than in any other month.

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    It’s really a stupid holiday… and I know Reagan created it so as to get rid of two presidents holidays to add MLK. Still, is stupid.

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