Infant Thrown from Vehicle in Crash on I-81

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81 Crash

BUTLER TOWNSHIP — State police say an infant was severely injured after being thrown from a vehicle in a crash in Schuylkill County.

It happened on Interstate 81 south near the Frackville exit around 7 p.m. Friday.

According to state police, a minivan was passing a tractor trailer when the truck driver tried to switch lanes. The driver of the van swerved to avoid the truck and lost control. The van hit the back of the tractor trailer and went into the median. A 9-month-old was thrown from the van through a broken side window.

Investigators said the child was not secured in a child safety seat.

The infant and another passenger were flown to a hospital. The driver and a 19-month-old passenger were taken to a hospital by ambulance.

Troopers said the driver of the tractor trailer was not injured and will be cited for making an unsafe lane change. The driver of the van faces a citation for not having the 9-month-old in a child safety seat.


  • john donlin

    i agree i lost a wife of 4 months plaus an unborn child an was a bad snow an ice storm he hit her doin 68 afters brakes is wat black box said he got nothing at all as far as charges jus a surreal thing to go thru

  • Jn570

    Well technically they were neglecting the child they should pulled to a rest stop however that whole family are in my prayers

  • Joe

    Dani, I have two small children, both of whom hate their car seats and love to breastfeed. While very long car rides are stressful, we pull over out of harms way to feed them. Children need to be properly restrained while the car is moving. This is so very sad, but your comment is reckless to suggest that having a baby out of his/her seat for any reason while moving is acceptable. This is a tragedy all around.

  • saftey first

    CDLs are very easy to get. I used to have one. I have no idea why the instructor passed me. I was a horrible truck driver. I drove truck for a little over a year. I considered myself a VERY unsafe truck driver so I quit and went to a factory. I think alot of other truck drivers should do the same. I’m glad I didn’t kill anyone.

  • Catherine Sult

    Dani it doesn’t matter what the mother was doing you should never take your child out of their car seat when the vehicle is in motion. That is neglect when your going 70mph on the interstate and take your child out of their car seat, at that moment you are neglecting the safety of your child. They should have pulled over at a rset stop or got off at the nearest exit to a gas station. You should never ever take your child out of their safety seat while in motion. There are no excuses for what she did. She was in the wrong and put her child in harms way and in a great amount of danger. Praying for that baby.

    • Cheryl

      It would neve have happened if the adults who care for the child properly restrained the child in a car seat! Yes the accident would have and that is on the truck driver but it is up the those who care for child to keep them safe. The adult should be charge with child neglect!

  • ucreatedthemonster

    So a 9 month old and a19 month old were not properly secured? And the vehicle had a broken window? What was covering it plastic?

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