Warm Weather Expected To Bring Big Boost To Winter Time Events

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CARBON COUNTY -- This weekend's unseasonably warm weather is expected to be a big boost to some winter-time events.

One community in Carbon County is even holding a festival to celebrate old man winter right in the middle of a little taste of spring!

The community in Jim Thorpe is ready to celebrate all things winter.

The borough is throwing its 23rd annual WinterFest held in Jim Thorpe`s historic business district this weekend and vendors were already setting up.

“We sell funnel cakes, empanadas, French fries, chicken tenders, hot chocolate, hot coffee, everything imaginable in this little cart,” said vendor Gary Wager.

Activities for WinterFest include ice and wood carvings, train and carriage rides and plenty of shopping.

With the weekend`s weather unseasonably warm, many shop owners are banking that the mild temperatures will bring in large crowds.

“Definitely, the weather is always a factor, if it cooperates like it`s supposed to this weekend, we should get slammed which is great,” said Jim Pompa, the owner of Sound Check Records.

“We are really excited, the weather report looks fabulous, we are going to have a great weekend. everybody`s going to be out, soaking up the sun and having a good time here in town,” said Randall Sellers, owner of Sellers Books and Fine Art.

The slopes at Big Boulder were already getting crowded with folks getting a jump on the President`s Day holiday weekend.

Already skiers were noticing the weather was improving.

“It`s awesome out here today, yeah, really nice,” said Kevin Murphy from Haverford.

“It`s not cold, not at all, no wind, it`s perfect,” said Linda Dymowski from Philadelphia.

“Is really nice out here, I thought it was going to be like colder but it`s really nice,” said Claire Campbell from Philadelphia. “I’m looking forward to skiing all weekend.”

“Oh it`s gorgeous, it couldn`t be any better, the weather`s awesome,” said Tina Seasock from Aston.

“We expect some pretty big crowds, especially with the warm temps coming in,” said Pat Morgan with Big Boulder. “We`re sure the sun decks are going to be jammed with people soaking it up and our slopes and chair lifts will be packed. we`re excited.”

Montage Mountain Ski Resort in Lackawanna County also has events planned for the President's Day weekend.

Saturday evening at 5 pm, there will be a torch light parade, followed by fireworks.