Vandals to Pay for Repairs to Damaged Field

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- Two ball fields behind Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church near Brodheadsville were damaged a week ago.

Three of the four vandals, who are high school seniors, have come forward and now the church is making them pay for what they have done.

Video show the boys speeding around the field in a car. One of the vandals actually took this video while committing the crime.

A witness says it was just after 3 p.m. last Friday afternoon when she spotted three separate cars driving all over the fields.

A few minutes later, a fourth person joined the boys. That person has yet to be identified.

Church secretary Christine Diabo witnessed the whole thing.

"They just started driving like crazy, just taking off and flying in the ball field, just tearing it up."

The vandalism happened last week. Four people were involved but only three have confessed to the crime.

Church officials say the three are all high school seniors.

Church members tell us the damage is anywhere between $10,000 and $12,000. That makes this vandalism a felony offense.

"The church is working with these families," said church member Bill Campbell.  "We are going to work together to have them provide some community service to help work on these fields, but at the same time, the amount of the cost of the final estimate of what we need to bring these fields back up to playable condition will fall upon the families to help with that."

Because of this major incident and a few other minor ones, church officials say they plan to put a chain link gate blocking the entrance of the church and more no trespassing signs. They hope it will turn away those who want to cause mischief from getting in.

Officials say they are not pressing charges on the boys just yet, instead, they are going to make them work and pay to fix what they damaged.

"They were willing to admit that they did something wrong and messed up. They are sorry they did that," said Campbell.

Baseball and softball are set to begin in April, but if the fields are not repaired, games will be played elsewhere.

The fourth person involved has not been found. His vehicle is being described as a tan Ford Explorer.

Anyone with information on that vehicle is asked to contact state police.


  • Jd

    Maybe they could sell their cars to help pay for some of the damage! Oh wait. What if the cars belong to the parents?

  • TheBlueLine

    The actors can not be held accountable or mandated to pay anything unless first charged by police with trespass by motor vehicle. Though only a summary offense, restitution would be ordered by the judge. Kindness will get the church nothing unless it wants to file a lawsuit. The church has good intentions, but that doesn’t get you far anymore.

  • Dave Smith

    And this is the future of America… that’s a nice car they were driving…. It was probably given to him by his parents. This new generation is just sad. Where’s the protesters over this crime?????

  • pickle puffer

    The church is all about community right? These kids were from the community just funnin’ around. Cut them a break. They’ve suffered enough just by being born and raised in Monroe county. The only reason the cops responded to the scene is because they heard the “donuts at the church” call come over their radios.

  • keith hinkel

    A joke–right?? The field damage is nothing–church must redo fields every Spring from winter damage. $12,000.00?No way! Ok Ok have these idiot Gen X fools work around the church–upkeep–but fields?? A joke!

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