Helpful Employee Wins Hearts of Shoppers

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MONTOURSVILLE -- Shoppers in Lycoming County have taken notice of a grocery store employee who goes above and beyond to make sure his customers leave with a smile

Do you remember the last time you made a trip to your grocery store? Maybe you rushed through the aisles, waited in line, and hurried back out to the car without ever looking around.

"Sometimes they won't say hi to me back or when I say hi, they won't say hit to me back which sort of a bad feeling I feel," said Bradley Camp.

Bradley sees shoppers like that from time to time, but he doesn't let it get to him.

"(I am) Respectful and friendly polite to the customers,” said Bradley.

"He's always helpful he runs out there to load your car and don't matter if it's raining or snowing,” said Steve Hall.

We found Bradley working hard, out collecting carts in the parking lot of the Weis Market in Montoursville. Bradley has a learning disability. He's been working at Weis for about 5 years.

Shoppers reached out to Newswatch 16 because they wanted us to meet the 23-year-old. After spending a few minutes out in the parking lot with Bradley, it was clear why.

"I have to laugh. People offer him tips and he says I dare not take them so I actually sneak him a candy bar or something once in a while," said Mary Lee Harris.

"When he's on vacation I'll have one or two customers a day asking me where is Bradley at?  You didn't get rid of him?" said Kevin Kessler.

"I think that is exciting because you know you want to be good at your job," said Camp.

"Anybody that works that hard to make you happy is worth their weight in gold," said Hall.

So next time you're out, try to look up, look around there might be someone there to just like Bradley Camp to make you smile.



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