Virtual Reality Improves Lessons in Lycoming County

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- A school in the Williamsport area is using virtual reality technology to expand its lesson plans.

A teacher at the Lycoming Valley Intermediate School uses virtual reality glasses with his class to take them outside the classroom without even leaving their chairs.

Daniel Woleslagle's sixth-grade class had a big day planned. For their science lesson, they learned about different layers of the atmosphere but they had their lesson in an interesting place.

"We're going to move out into the edge of space and look at the International Space Station," Woleslagle said.

Of course, the class did not really go to the International Space Station but they felt like they did.

"You can be there and experience how it's going and it's very interesting," said sixth-grader Carter Butler.

That's because they used virtual reality goggles.

"I can lead them on a tour through the International Space Station and point out different things of interest and they can all see the same thing and experience the same thing together," Woleslagle explained.

The goggles are made out of cardboard and an iPod fits inside. They cost the school $8,500 which was paid for by the district's education foundation. The money came from tax donations from several businesses.

The students say they like the glasses so much because it lets them take the lesson outside the classroom and actually be a part of the lesson.

"Instead of opening up a book and reading about history and imagining what it's like, putting on the goggles, all you have to do is open up your eyes and look around and see what's there," said Butler.

"It's kind of like it's in real life, like you're actually there," said sixth-grader Ava Williams.

The virtual reality goggles aren't only used for science class. Woleslagle says he can teach almost any subject using them.


  • stevew

    Wow , what a great idea instead of opening a book and educating our children you can dumb them down even further while you do nothing behind your desk.Shame on you,let’s get back to basics and maybe our children will have a chance in this world.

    • Bleepnoid

      You learn by being there not looking at a photo in a book. It takes a lot of planning to implement such a lesson. Curious if you take vacations, where you go, and, why there? You need a tour guide, don’t, you?

  • Bleepnoid

    You guys are dinks. Lycoming Valley is not in Loyalsock. The township line goes around the school and it is part of Williamsport school district.

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