Two Arrested After Meth Lab Bust in Pittston

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PITTSTON — Police busted two people for making drugs in Luzerne County.

Officers arrested Nicholas Space, 23, and Samantha Shaw, 21, at an apartment on Main Street in Pittston Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators say they found large amounts of drug making materials at that apartment.

Both are locked up on charges they were making methamphetamine in Luzerne County.


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    Don’t they know people want heroin now, not meth. They could make much more money joining to payed to protest crowd. fit right in.


    They were watching too much of that documentary “Baking Bad” Hollywood literally gave these kids the recipe for making meth and marihuana edibles. Such filth on TV is unacceptable. All that is on any more is drugs,drugs,drugs,sex, and more drugs. Why can’t we go back to a wholesome time when Americans were entertained with brutal violence? I still say when Andy Griffith’s character shot that BLM goon was one of the best moments on television

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