Report Lists Number of Hate Groups by State, PA Ranks Fifth

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A new report is out painting an unflattering picture of Pennsylvania.

The Commonwealth has the fifth most “hate groups” of any state.

Hate groups, everything from white nationals to black separatists, grew nationwide last year.

In Pennsylvania, the Southern Poverty Law Center identified 40 hate groups.

Click here to see the map at the Southern Poverty Law Center website.


  • Mark

    You may be unaware of this, but the SPLC is well know for including in its list of hate groups many conservative and religious groups that do not advocate hate at all, but simply disagree with their political ideology. They have lumped good people like Ben Carson, and many others, in with the likes of the KKK and Aryan Nation. I’m sure there are hate groups in PA, just like there are in any other state, but when you lump in your political and ideological opponents with real hate groups its hard to take your numbers at face value.

  • OpenMinded

    I’m so glad I got out of northeast pa. I bet all the negative comments are old white men who never left the state and actually believe foxnews is a news organization… (to be fair, CNN isn’t much better)

    Try reading NPR or BBC. Or maybe living abroad for a year. Or realizing there is much diversity in the world that is beneficial than being scared you’re losing power.

  • Bob

    WNEP…I watch you all the time. You may not want to just take a report from the SPLC as the total truth. You may want to look at things they have said in the past, and especially look at some of the groups they label as ‘hate groups ‘. Here’s an idea….maybe you could put some reporters out there and really look into this story

  • yeti sasquatch

    Proudly flying my American flag and my Gadsden flag and wearing my 3%er shirts were did my parents go wrong ???

  • David R.

    Did you forget to mention how the Southern Propaganda Libel Center misrepresented footage of the Westboro ‘baptist’ ‘church’ as being of the American Family Association so they could include the latter on their list of ‘hate groups’?

  • E

    Denial, denial, denial. Ha ha ha! Attacking the source and not addressing the arguement is classic denial. Read the rules of intelligent discourse, if you can read considering the fifteen percent illiteracy rate and the twenty five percent high school drop out rate in NEPA. 😀

  • think positive

    Bologna. Just another attempt to shove more negativity down our throats. It reminds me of being raised Catholic and being taught that being human = being shameful. I never bought that, and I’m not buying this.

  • Real Man

    I didn’t see the Knights of Columbus on the list or Queer Nation or the Red Hats . For that matter, how about The Friendly Son’s of St. Patrick (Total Hate Group)(Hate Women and the Moulinyan)

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    If I remember right, I think I read something a while ago about the southern poverty law center being
    exrremely left leaning, therefore making their study null and void.

    Nice try with more brainwashing though.

  • WTH

    clearly that site is as biased as wnep not even going to bother to open the map which isn’t working anyway. the site keeps freezing.

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