‘Good Deed Gone Wrong’ in Schuylkill County

GIRARDVILLE -- Gary Reidel says he thought his life was over.

"I don't think people comprehend what it's like laying on the ground not knowing if these people around you are going to be the last people you see," Reidel said.

Reidel was the victim of a shooting early Sunday morning in Tamaqua. He says he wants people to know the whole story.

"People need to know what really happened. This was a good deed gone wrong," he said. "We made sure somebody made it home safe, and I get a bullet in the back for it."

It was early Sunday morning. Reidel and his wife were drinking with friends at the Pine Street Pub in Tamaqua. Reidel says a man was asked to leave the bar because he'd had one too many, so Reidel's friend offered to drive the man home. He happened to be a neighbor.

Reidel says he went along to help, but when they reached the man's home on Orwigsburg Street, the man's son came along screaming obscenities.

"I don't know this guy from Adam. My buddy knows his father, helped him out, gave him a ride home, and I end up with a bullet in me."

Reidel says he had no idea who the man was, but it turned out it was Charles Heffelfinger, 23, who was upset that he hadn't been offered a ride, too, after being asked to leave that same bar earlier in the night.

Reidel says he told Heffelfinger to calm down, but it didn't work.

He says Heffelfinger pulled out a gun and fired two shots, hitting Reidel in the back.

"I said to my wife, I called her right as soon as I got shot. I was laying on the ground. I said, 'Tell my kids I love them, and I love you, too.'"

Reidel is a father of four. He has two brothers who served in the military in Afghanistan. He never imagined he would be the one shot and so close to his home.

"Over what? Giving a guy a ride home? Does that happen in today's world? I mean honestly, think about it. Does that happen in today's world? It's nuts."

Police say Heffelfinger went inside his parent's home after the shooting, coming out later wearing boxer shorts.

He is locked up in Schuylkill County.

As for Reidel, he is out of work and worried about what the future holds for him and his family after this weekend's shooting.


  • stevew

    Their is nothing good that comes from hanging around in bars into the wee hours of the night . Let’s be realistic these are not the actions of a responsible adult aka a dad.

  • stevew

    Father of four kids should be home with them not trying to save lost souls at the bar .I have no respect for that, people places and things why put yourself at risk when you are a so called family man .

  • WarningFakeNews

    Americans hungry for what’s truly going on can put in their favorites Trump’s Twitter feed and Facebook page, what Sean Spicer’s press conference (It does take a strong stomach to hear the same question asked 10 times by the Washington ‘elite’ media, but Sean takes Skype questions, and calls on a better variety of outlets’ reporters) Fortunately, those press conferences are available any time to watch. If we cut out the mainstream media and do what we can to avoid paying for it through cable or satellite services, it will go away, eventually. Naturally, almost unbiased sources for news do exist, too.

    • Givemeabreak

      What does it matter? He doesn’t answer the questions anyway. No I shouldn’t say that, he usually responds with that’s what the President believes. I am not even sure what that means, I believe a lot of things too. I guess facts don’t matter only beliefs.
      They ask the same question 10 times because it isn’t being answered. Trump should have chosen a better press secretary.

  • Justagirl

    Going to bars is a bad idea unless your there for a good reason, entertainment and eating come to mind. After that scoot out while you still sober cause you never know who’s gonna act up. Just my opinion.

  • magicmikexxsm

    The bigger deal is under the law U.S citizens are supposed to be protected if they are picked up on a wire tap with foreigners…..and Flynn was not. who ever leaked this stuff just told the world that the USA can hear their phone calls and have now trashed those phones……more then likely it is an obama hold over……and they have now broken the law twice.once with Flynn and once with Trumps call to Australia leader….

    This is the org Obama is using to subvert the trump adminOrganizing for Action (OFA and is backed by big left wing money…they are also responsible for all of the protest marches going on now….and also these so called left wing town hall confrontations……

    • Givemeabreak

      You do realize you are trying to deflect and what you are saying in no way excuses what he did. He was wrong and lied about it. The rules are the rules. It’s Flynn’s fault no one elses.

  • iseedumbpeople

    Look at all the thumbs down to defend getting drunk. Moral of the story; don’t be a drunk, and don’t hang with drunken losers.

  • Meatballkop

    Is Reidel out of work because he was shot? Or was he out of work before the shooting? If before, why was he spending money he’s not making at a bar? I understand he is an adult and can legally drink at a bar, but if you don’t have any income, there are more important things to spend money on than alcohol.

  • WarningFakeNews

    While they are legal businesses, hanging out in bars is not a good idea. That situation wouldn’t have happened for him, except for the fact that the guy was there. Sometimes we need to make decisions in life of whether the risk is worth the “reward” and if not, don’t do it.

    As for the legality of having pot available, I agree that it’s far too costly to keep it illegal, but that doesn’t mean I want to use it, or worse, be driving towards oncoming traffic containing people who do- particularly in all its concentrated forms.

  • Givemeabreak

    How is alcohol legal for recreational use but marijuana isn’t again? I have never seen two guys smoking even get into a fist fight. Someone smoking doesn’t even get into arguments, they just have disagreements or discussions.

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