Wyoming Seminary Swim Teams Both Undefeated

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The Wyoming Seminary swim team is undefeated. Both of them. The Blue Knight girls are 10-0. The boys? 7-0. Sem grad Phil Mercatili coaches both teams.

"We knew early, before the season stared kind of what we were capable of and I think some of our kids even surprised themselves with that," Mercatili said.

"Just seeing all those wins, it really makes us say, 'Yes. This is why we come to swim practice. This is why we wake up early over break. This is why we do everything we do,'" added senior Mei Snow.

The kids at Sem say the success is no coincidence. It's more of an explanation.

"It keeps the motivation going," senior Matt Bean said. "Having that energy coming from the girls team immediately translates over to the guys team and it just keeps the positive energy going during practice."

"We all feed off of each other's energy," Snow agreed. "So when we experience a win, all of us become so much happier and become more lively at practice. It just keeps us going."

"I always say, 'We're a family more than we are a team' and then having that family energy carry over, it's great," Bean said.

The Blue Knights aren't just winning meets. They're setting records with school and pool records falling every week."

"Some of the girls broke pool records of girls I swam with when I was in high school 15, 16 years ago and that's awesome to see that happening," Mercatili said.

Officially it's 26 pool records and ten school records. These kids are doing more than making a splash.

"It's a new wave, kind of, of talent that's coming through the area now and it's not just one or two people. It's a whole group of them and to get them on one team is awesome," Mercatili said.

It also breeds confidence, but as districts approach in early March, don't expect either team to flinch.

"We're confident although we try to not let it get to our heads because we feel a clear mind is always the best mind," Snow said. "So while we always look at our past, our future is always something new. So we always have to strive for that."