Interstate 81 South Back Open in Susquehanna County after Crash

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LENOX TOWNSHIP -- UPDATE: Interstate 81 south in Susquehanna County reopened around 8:30 a.m. after Thursday morning's crash.

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A part of Interstate 81 south is closed in Susquehanna County.

Both lanes of are closed near Lenoxville. It happened around 6 a.m. on Thursday.

It looks like three tractor trailers and an SUV are involved in the crash.

The driver of the SUV says he noticed a stuck tractor trailer and that caused a chain reaction crash.

Crews say it will take a few hours for I-81 south at Lenoxville to re-open here in Susquehanna County.


  • mike

    I drove home at 7 AM this morning…All the semis were taking it easy in the right lane with me. ALL but one of the morons who absolutely had to pass were in SUVs. And most of the vehicles off the road in the ditch on I81 South between Pittston and Mountain Top were SUVs.

  • the smart, safe, truck driver

    Im a truck driver. And I’m on here to say “nice job a-holes.” You guys couldn’t wait a bit for the roads to clear? This serves you all right. I called my dispatcher and told him I’ll be on the road when it’s safe for me to be on the road. Now look at the position your in. Your trucks are totaled, your load won’t ever get to it’s destination, (probably to the landfil) and you just ruined your driver’s licence so bad that you’re probably not going to find another job seeing as you JUST got fired from your current one but you just don’t know it yet until you get back to the shop. Ok, now with that all said, the roads look pretty clear now and I’ll be on my way to the costumer. Enjoy your day!

    • A2B2C

      Before you call people names, did you consider that many people don’t have that same luxury as you to call and tell their dispatcher they’re getting off the roads. SOME people have to get to work or keep moving or they won’t have a job the next day. Road conditions on Rte 81 at 6 or 7 AM were worse than the back roads traveled that same time of day by those people who HAD to get to work!

    • Stinky

      Hey A hole I work as a dispatcher and while you can call us and tell us you aren’t driving I had no choice but to drive home this morning in the storm. We pay pen dot to clear the roads and they weren’t out there! If they did there job this morning and matained the roads it wouldn’t have been this bad

      • The smart, safe, truck driver

        If you worked for a legitimate trucking company they would supply you with a cot or couch so you can chill out while while Penndot clears the roads for your ride home. Or you could jump in a sleeper of a spare truck on the lot. Now that I know you are a dispatcher, I definitely know you are a true a-hole! Ps…Shouldnt you be sleeping right now anyways instead of posting?

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