First Big Snowfall of the Season Hits Mount Carmel

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MOUNT CARMEL -- Aaron Myers moved to Mount Carmel from Danville about one month ago and says the snow is much different here in lower Northumberland County.

"The higher elevation up here you definitely get a lot more snow," Myers said.

It's the first significant snowfall of the year here, and some people in Mount Carmel tell Newswatch 16 they measured between six and nine inches of snow.

"Just another snow storm, another pain in the butt," Joe Wozney said.

"The stuff in the street is a bit slushy but everything else is doing really well," Myers said.

Some people still had to go to work. They drove slowly and carefully. And fortunately the roads were clear enough for some four-legged friends to go for a walk.

But the people we spoke with had mixed feelings about the first big snowfall of the year.

"I like snow. I don't like driving in it but I like snow," Myers said.

"No, no, no, I'd rather golfing weather," Wozney said.

William Merlavage shovels for his neighbors, too. He enjoys it and says it's good exercise.

"It's a heavy snow but that's alright. It's not going to bother me, I don't mind it. Like I said, I just like being out here," William Merlavage said.

But it wasn't all work and no play. Some kids here in Mount Carmel spent the day sledding.

"It's really fun! I come here every year," Preston Marlow said.

"It's alright; it's fun!" Gavin Dempko said.

Usually Mount Carmel and the other municipalities out this way have more snowstorms by this time of year. The people we spoke with expect this to only be the beginning.