Update: Missing Man Recently Charged with Theft Found

MOUNT CARMEL — Police in Northumberland County said a man reported missing has been found.

Jeffrey Kays, 36, of Mount Carmel was reported missing on Sunday.

Last week, Kays was accused of stealing more than $100,000 from his employer.

Monday night, police said Kays had been located.


  • stevew

    The words chosen to describe a situation are key to understanding a situation . Is he missing or has he fled because of pending charges . Maybe i should lend you my black lad so she can pound keys on a keyboard and make sense if this for you.

    • idiot..

      Does it matter? His whereabouts were unknown whether he willingly fled or not. Either way he was thought to be in danger. I will assume you meant your “black lab” and maybe she can teach you compassion and how to spell properly. Keep trolling…

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