Man Accused of Stabbing Sister to Death in Luzerne County

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PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP — A woman is dead after state police say she was stabbed by her brother.

Troopers were called to a home on White Oak Drive near Hunlock Creek around 10 a.m. Saturday.

Investigators said Eric Getz, 39, of Hunlock Creek was fighting with his sister, Rebecca Getz, 41, and stabbed her in the back.

Rebecca Getz was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to court papers, Eric Getz told police that he, his sister, their father, and another man were about to leave their home when Rebecca asked to get back into the house. Eric said he didn’t want her in the house when he or his father weren’t home because he said she had stolen a television from him in the past.

Eric told police Rebecca hit him in the head with an ice scraper, the court papers said. Eric then grabbed a knife from the kitchen. He told police Rebecca grabbed him from behind and he swiped at her with the knife. She let go of him and started to walk away. Eric told police Rebecca then called him “stupid” and then he stabbed her in the back as she walked away.

Eric Getz has been charged with criminal homicide and is locked up in the Luzerne County jail.


  • Alyssa Shaffer

    I knew this lady, she was a best friend to me. I remember on New Years she was at my friends house with his dad having fun out by the camp fire drinking being wild like always. She had so much joy and life in her for her age, we all loved her and she will be missed very much.

  • a close friend of mama bear

    TBI or not, Eric knew right from wrong. He came brandishing a knife, I think that constitutes stupidity. And if not for Beck, he would have been in a home w all the other mentally challenged persons.

  • Scott

    His story was sounding good (along with the stand your ground law) until he mentioned he stabbed the white devil as she was walking away

  • Kathleen Gill

    What a very sad story. I knew Eric as he used to belong to a support group for people with disabilities that our son belonged to. He would always ask how our son was. The support group no longet meets. Eric suffeted TBI from a horrible car crash. He was not on drugs. People with TBI can be set off easily from frustration and stress and inconsiderate comments from people who should know better. What a trajedy for his family who clearly were not able to defuse this situation and help him manage his anger.

    • a close friend of mana bear

      He wasn’t a pothead hipster. He was mentally challenged by a car accident n he belongs in friggn jail where he can get what he deserves…murdering your own sister for calling him stupid? Brothers and sisters fight all the time and call each other a heck of a lot worse things than “stupid”…

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