Big Crowd Turns Out for Release of Limited Edition Brew

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JENKINS TOWNSHIP -- Eager beer enthusiasts lined up in Luzerne County Sunday morning.

More than 400 people waited outside of Susquehanna Brewing Company near Pittston to get a taste of Sole Artisan Ales' latest release Buicejox, a mandarin orange double IPA.

"If you're first, you get some free beer, so the juice is worth a squeeze or an 18-hour wait. I'd like to tell my wife I'm sorry I waited in line for so long, but it was worth it. I got some extra beer for us," said Kevin Baranowski of Wilkes-Barre.

Customers were limited to four 4-packs per person to ensure most of the people in line could get the beer.

Sole Artisan Ales is based in the Lehigh Valley. It is a so-called "gypsy brewery," meaning it brews its beers inside other breweries.

A four-pack of the limited craft brew cost about $18.


  • Franko

    I got some extra beer for us” – yeah that is something to be proud of… Once again keeping up with the area stereotype that NEPA has one of the biggest alcoholic populations around. All it seems anyone on the area is concerned about is getting trashed on a regular basis. I definately wouldn’t be proud of the fact that so many people stood in line for beer. And this is why people outside their area laugh at NEPA, because we are more concerned with alcohol, bars, clubs, and partying than working or doing what normal people that don’t live in NEPA do. I can’t tell you how many countless properties I have seen in Lackawanna and Wayne Counties that after people move, there is nothing but bags and bags of empty beer cans that get collected from the property, both inside and outside of the homes.

    • Laughs at you

      Relax Nancy. 400 people is rather small compared to what people do in other parts of the country. He up to Ma and see a Tree House release where people wait just as long for just as much beer but can only buy it 4 beers at a time. It’s literally thousands of people. Go down to Philly when Tired Hands does a release and it’s thousands of people. All this really happens to be is a group of people with the same common interest share and trade beer. This isn’t the Miller Lite in your fridge and everything gets cleaned up. Thanks for hating on something you know nothing about. Loser.

      • Stephen S.

        I was one of 400+ before 8:30 for this one. This was much larger than any milkshake release Tired Hands has had. Sole releases are amazing compared to the majority of the east coast releases including Treehouse

    • jacksincharge

      I hate to burst your stereotype bubble but this type of event has been going on around the country at hundreds of craft breweries for at least a few years. Some people do it because they obviously like the taste of high quality beer and others do it to trade with people from other parts of the country, and then there are those that do it to resell and make a few dollars. Standing in line is not something I would do but I’ve had their beer along with all the others mentioned on this tread and its a far cry from what we all drank 20 years ago.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Big Crowd Turns Out for Release of Limited Edition Brew……………………………………………………….

    It’s beer people, I can see standing in line for hours for free gold…lots of crazy people in NEPA

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